Sunday, September 07, 2014

Decided to go to the farm crossing in Wemberham Lane at Yatton.

Glad I did because Tangmere stopped to pick up at Yatton station for the Royal Duchy trip.

If I had been there I couldn't have got pix of the smoke as they pulled away.

Unfortunately when Bittern cruised through she was running with no effort but I did get a reasonable pic as she approached the farm crossing.

Very nice to see two steams running on the same day. I had considered Mud Lane but after the last times diesel running late I thought better of it. I got there just right too;. only one chap there when I arrived. I took my place when he was dodging about like he had 'ants in his pants' backwards and forwards. By the time the train arrived there were around 9 or 10 there but I had set my little tripod seat up where no-one could get in front of me. One more next Sunday and then I will be in Holland when the next double takes place.

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