Sunday, September 14, 2014

There is someone up there that protects fools and idiots.
As Tangmere was going to stop at Yatton to pick up passengers for Par, I decided I would go to Nailsea and Backwell station to get shots of her running at full steam.
Got there with time to spare but found that there was a diesel charted to stop at 10.20. Remembered when the A4 class was running all I could get was a shot of it pulling away because I could not run to the end of the platform.

What shall I do?

Mud Lane Claverham, is too far in miles. The only thing is Station Road at Flax Bouton. Off I went. When I got there I found two cars parked in the gateway to the tank depot. Bugger !.
Went over the bridge and parked on a wider stretch of the narrow lane.
Walked back to the bridge. Two photographers there in the best places. Sod it. ! !
Took up a position and then yet another one came along. Steam in the distance, low and behold she was running at least 5 minutes early. I could have chanced a stop at Nailsea/Backwell after all.
However I had got a series of pix that were quite good. Took in 16x9 format instead of 3x2, to send pix to BBC Weather.

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