Saturday, December 26, 2015

Got up to Sixways just after 6. Not a soul in sight and no traffic.

Just a vast spread in the sweep I set up on the pathway at the top of Alexandra Road and got a good cover.

            Moved up to Hill Road and decided to get the shots from the 'other' side

Blank windows at Seeleys' and also next door ex-Neales' I tried a shot but just dead in the middle. 

                                Moved along to opposite Sainsburys' 
Wonder if they will open later, I must get a loaf today if I can. Trouble with Hill Road is the fact the shops have gaps with the space before and then after the regent block it means taking three sets to cover.

                                     Moved back over at the top 
I was not altogether happy with this last shot because of the black alleyway by Hillwood House. But the other side had so much of the Alexandra Gardens, that had just nothing at all there. Went back but on the way I saw the tide was in so thought I would have a try at taking a timed shot.

                    Not very happy with it it just doesn't seem like the
                    Bristol Channel without the famed Clevedon Chop.

Perhaps I will try again perhaps not, seems so dead without waves.  It could almost be as flat as a billiard table.

Friday, December 25, 2015

So this year I called a Half-halt.

                                   Station Road lit well as usual.

After the fall I had last Christmas morning that left me with cracked ribs and bruises I decided this year I would only venture around the Triangle Area to take my Early Christmas Morning pictures.
Maybe I will get up to Sixways and Hill Road on Boxing day.

Tried a shot here as I was not going up to the top of the town.
Works well I think it allows the light from Queens square to illuminate.

Tried a shot from the bottom of Marson Road.
Again look at the angles. Both of those path edges are straight lines.

The Triangle is always rather poorly lit.

Old Street is better the lens catches from Click, that was actually BEHIND the tripod to as far as the Heritage Estate Agents in the Triangle.

And this shot from a window of Heritage down to as far as the Sally-Ann
before doubling back to a little bit of 3Bs window.
I wish I could calculate the precise angle but rough reckoning says it must be around 230 degrees.

When I look at the angles and the way the 10-24mm Tamron has altered the straight lines of a path edge I can understand why I had to cancel some of the pix.
I was unable to swing the camera enough in spite of it being on a tripod.
I am at least getting into the idea though. Stand well back from the tripod and swing using the up and down lever to control. Remembering that you start with the camera viewing behind the tripod place. It finishes up behind too.
I started off around 6 because then the full street lights come back on but by 7 I was back home brewing an Irish Coffee. Traffic was starting to run and I had to cancel a shot or two so I decided to pack in for the day.
More than satisfied with the production of my Heating Allowance purchase. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

As I rapidly approach my 92nd birthday my Niece Jane presented me with a gem of a book.
It is called “Quips, Quotes and Retorts for Oldies”
It has such items in it as

“I know my secrets are safe with my friends, because at our age they can’t remember them Either”


“Anyone who honestly believes that life begins at forty overlooks the fact that so do Fallen Arches, Rheumatism, Faulty Eyesight and the tendency to tell a story to the same person four or five times.”

Have I been afflicted? I just don’t know. But I must admit that a lot of them made me chuckle to myself.

I think I MUST be starting to get senile.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Spent my money !

Because I pay for my heating and hot water with my rent weekly, I decided I would spend my heating allowance on a new lens for the A77v.

super wide pic
It was the new Tamron 10 to 24 (15 to 36mm) equivalent.

full 24mm shot
The set up at 24mm equal to 36mm on full frame.
Went out to the front to try a couple of spread shots.

          I couldn't pivot enough at 10mm setting so there is a little bit missing.

at 24 mm coverage is very good.

I reckon the overlapping cover between this lens and my 18 to 270 will do quite well.  
Now I must make up my mind whether I intend to sell the old 11 to 18mm or keep it.
I suppose that some folk will think I am stupid buying another lens like that but why not. I might as well spend it as keep it for someone else to spend when I am 6 feet under.