Sunday, September 14, 2014

Decided that Sunday morning was best time to get a shot of the new development at the Regent site.
No traffic about and no interruptions of workmen or pedestrians. Used the Tamron 11-18 mm lens and had to tilt to get it all in.
Then set up Geometric in PSP 8 to correct the vertical elevation bias.

Thought while I was there to get a sweep shot to show the relationship to the other buildings in Hill Road.
I don't know if erecting a new shop will help to save the shopping centre up there. However as far as the owners are concerned they will be able to have at least 3 flats above because the shop storage space can be below. If it were myself I would have said 5 luxury flats with lock-up allocated garages beneath would have been a better prospect.
Either as rental or for sale it would be a more profitable idea.

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