Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Surprise - surprise
I suppose that to any regular readers of my blog - if there are any - it has sunk in that I am rather Rabid about macro shots of flowers and also pictures of steam locomotives. After all there isn't a lot of difference in the two. (Is there?) 
However this year in my wander around the magnificent lake and grounds, at the Golden Tulip Hotel, I spotted what I thought was a Bloody Cranesbill plant creeping up through flower leaves, un-noticed by their eagle eyed gardener. 

I had not brought my Tamron 90mm macro lens but relied on my set of Fox dioptre lenses. The following morning I took the short half-way-round walk to where I had spotted the solitary flower. I was fully expecting to see that the weed had been ripped out, or eaten by slugs or snails, however it was still there untouched. As it was rather breezy I couldn't take a pic of it in-situ so carefully snipped it off and rested it on one of the many seats placed around the lake. I added the 10 dioptre lens to the Tamron 18-270 tele-photo and got a successful set, Leaves (although rather small) Flower and type of calyx.

Once again a beautiful little flower that we call a weed. Yet through perpetual destruction we have made them more hardy than some of the so-called precious flowers that we plant.

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