Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brighton Terrace cottages plans 1883
Came upon a ring binder with the plans submitted to the old Local Board of Health back in the 1880's.
Managed to bring them up into readable JPG's with the Epson 4870.
Many of the negatives are blackened in places but most are readable 
Having found the film negatives of the demolition in the 1960's it makes a completion of the history of the places. 

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Local Board of Health roller 1880's 
What a treat - it looks as though a lot of the JPG's I copied over to my PC that were lost when the hard drive failed are in the batch of negs that I found on Sunday.
I can scan them in at around 12 per hour. Means a long job because I must check every negative to see what it is.
Around 1/4 to 1/5th so far are negs to scan. However what a treasure has turned up.I put this pic on Flickr, I wonder what comments I will get from the Clevedon group?


Sunday, July 07, 2013

Brighton Terrace demolition

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Made a way to get some 35mm negative files.
First folder has approx. 1,590 negs in sixes.
Includes demolition of the end of Brighton terrace built by Shopland in 1883.
I had completely forgotten I had taken them.
I wonder what other historical treasures will be there to find


Early Chevrolet

What a beauty
Travelling down the beach this morning from Alexandra Road I didn't fully take in what I saw until I was well past it.
I drove up to the Spray Point turn-around and went back down. What a beauty it was. Obviously a well done restoration job and with full attention to detail.
I took 8 shots and posted on Flickr and also Morguefile. 
I wonder how many downloads it will get.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Where have all the swallows gone?

Taken about 1962 with my Agiflex iii
Old barns and farm buildings are being re-modelled as dwelling houses. 
We are destroying their nesting places. 
We are using pesticides as dangerous to wildlife as DDT was. Birds feeding on insect life are giving contaminated food to their young. 
We are killing off bees. and we have the gall to wonder why swallows are disappearing from our skies.
Swifts nest in house roofs, we are blocking their entry places with flock insulation.
House Martins plaster their nests below roof eaves but buildings now are different and gable ends are not in style.
Our gardens are being desecrated with 'decking' and patios. bushes and shrubs are being ripped out.
Now we wonder why we don't see blackbirds and thrushes and small songbirds in our gardens.
Of course we won't see them. We have destroyed their protective cover from predatory cats and possible nesting places are not there, to encourage them to stop with us.
Mankind is so stupid; unfortunately when we go the way of the dinosaurs we will have killed off so many species that all that will be left to populate the world will be insect life.
Roll on King Queen ant.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

First powered flight

Stringfellow's grave Chard

Came across negs of a visit we spent in Chard. Took a long time but we finally found the grave.

Copy of the plane 
It was driven by steam and was only a model but never-the-less it WAS the first aeroplane to fly under its own power.

Move over Wright brothers. 

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

What happened?

The old wide gauge carriage
Came across some old monochrome 35mm negatives. Eureka ! in amongst them were some of the old Brunel  carriage from Portbury. I thought that I had lost them.  It was used as a Wesleyan Chapel for many years until the brick built chapel replaced it. When the M5 was constructed they removed it for so-called restoration. I wonder what has happened to it? When I took these pix there were some of the original seats still in it. 

Yew Tree Lane

Yew Tree lane Kingston Seymour.
Went down Yew Tree lane as far as Yatton Little River. Looks like a prospect for pike fishing there. I had not been down there for around 20 years. Entered from the west side. Very winding and bumpy, to go fishing I reckon I will use the east access way.