Sunday, December 24, 2017

Been having trouble when Posting on Facebook. There is a school that are using an old fashioned idea for every pic they load with the sea in it. Take the picture using a big stop-down to extend the time and there are no waves.
Bloody ridiculous idea because it aint like that in real life.
I found a shot done in the early days around 1860's and published it to show IT IS NOT NEW  but an old idea used of necessity.
They seemed to think they had invented it. LOL.
They didn't seem to know that I had been published over the years so I up-loaded a few of my most used shots. Just to show them I had been using a camera before they were born. Consequence is I have been too busy to keep up with thing here. This pic is one that I used as an example. There are other places to tsake pictures than the seafront.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

A picture of the beach from the pier end. WAY in the distance there IS a car.
Hardy people the motorists of those days. Why some of those vehicles went so fast you wondered how they could manage to breath - - when all was said and done you cant beat a horse after all. Can you?

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Each year access to the rocks along the beaches has become more of  problem.
However with damages awarded by the courts to soemeone who through their own stupidity has an accident damages can become  horrendous.
So the council is compelled to fence off access to places that used to have seats for folk to sit in peace and quiet.
Far from the open front of Victorian times but then in those days folk seemed to use their brains and stay out of dangerous situations.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Horses don't make as much noise as cars it's true; but they DO have other disadvantages unless you are a very keen gardener with a bucket and shovel.
It's easy to understand why the Local Board use to advertise road sweepings for sale isn't it.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Came on some pictures I took when I was working for Baxters the butchers on Hill Road after I retired from the milk round. I stopped working when the shop closed and there was then only one independents butcher left in Clevedon.

We always took great pride in the Christmas window. The show of meat and poultry had to be seen to be appreciated.  Both Pete Cornish and Marie Dollimore. who took over after he retired were very particular in making certain it was well done.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Came on these Pictures of the Artillery section and the firing platform at Pill the other day while looking for the shot I took of Charlies badge.
Jane now holds the original badge. How Marianne ever had it is a real mystery. It makes me wonder how many other family treasures were given away without being offered to family. 
The top picture is the Clevedon section of the company and the lower one is the place from which they fired the cannon. Not from Dial Hill as some newcomer to the town tried to tell me they did.
 He was simply going on the fact that at one time Clevedon Council had put them up there at the top of the path that led down to Hill Road next to Cox's new house.
Top picture in which cousin Charlie should be soemwhere. Bottom pic is the platform that carried the guns at Pill.
Target was anchored South of Blackstone rocks on the mud,

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Alva Dyer butcher Old Church Road. Don't ask me where work it out for yourself. Quite easily done.

Farm on Dial Hill pre 1925

Making road-stone at the public quarry in Old Church Road.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lovell family stand in the doorway of the shoe shop in Old Street
probably taken around 1923 or 4.

When the council workmen dug a hole across the way to the sheds we had to drive in via the river track. Note a young Perce Powell at the back of the work crew.

Fletham's fish shop in Hill Road dressed for the Meat Show and waiting for the judges - when Clevedon had independent shops and not Super-dooper Market places.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The school at East Clevedon, was a success from its beginning.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Two early camera views one from each side of the church. Taken before the trees planted by Sir Edmond? had grown enough to make the pictures more difficult.

Following remarks about the lack of available pictures of East Clevedon and Swiss Valley I have started to post those that I have.
Kicking off with three drawings.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Why this had not been done years before will never be known. It added to the size of the yard and made it much easier to turn the milk floats. Also gace the fitters a bigger space to wok in on break-downs etc.
Added value to the site too. That work was what caused the end of the yard to the east to fall into the river. It also gave an extra 10 feet of yards across the width.

My Cousin belonged to the volunteer artillery. Charles the younger son of Thomas the fisherman and in later years the proprietress of bathing machines and fishing boats was a crack shot on the rifle range. Also is seems he was not out of touch with the canon. On one of the firing sessions having sunk the barrel that was anchored south of Blacksone on the mud.
He was probably one of the men in this group. We can't be certain though because after the deaths of his wife and son he left Clevedon and his death was reported in Wiltshire.
We do have his cap-badge though - - after my sisters death it was found amongst her things. Though how she had come by it heaven alone knows.
This photo was taken by their drill hall by the gas works,

When the Light Railway got a little motor driven car it quickly had a name tacked on to it by the local population. They called it the 'Flying Match Box' small and light the vehicle soon earned its nickname. Ideal for midday traffic but when it got a bit worn male passengers had to get out and walk up the slop at East Clevedon where the land rose through the valley. the alternative was to be left behind. This was generally accepted as one of the  things to be added to the 'did you know' legends that were growing about the W,C, & P.R,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Another of Clevedon's vanished shops.

When will the super-shops take over the government?

Den Moxham up a ladder in his eighties just goes to prove the old saying.
"You can't keep a good man down"

Mist on the Moor,
Brings sunshine to the door.

The only saying that works out 100 % accurate.

Put a picture om 'Clevedon' site that I had taken a few years back. So many take shots of the pier and beach they can be a little boring. I put on a long distance view taken by moonlight.
Waves can get a bit boring; after the first 120. One is very much like the next one in as much as 'You've seen one you've seen the lot'. The only exception is a stormy tide.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Came on some pre-war shots and some immediately after.

immediate post was.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Before the trust would take over Clevedon Court they had to remove the West Wing where the fire had been.

Staff photo of the post office workers early 1900's. Don't ask me what date - I don't know. Note they had 4 telegram boys working there.

When the end of the store fell into the river during work at Horlicks Dairy in Old Street.

Yet another shot of the Xmas Road race.

Members of the local police force getting the new polices station Garden to rights before they moved in.

My brother Tom and my sister Marianne Outside the shop in Ken Road shortly
after my father took over the business from George Wescott a distant cousin.

Romano British site discovered by studding Ariel photos of the moorland fields near Clevedon

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Did you know that Clevedon had a brewery ?
It was called 'The Kingston Brewery' but brewed in Alexandra Road.
Main office was in Kingston Seymour though.

Sheep had to be dipped every year to kill off vermin like 'the Fly' and other pests. A job that many farmers co-operated to do. There were no exceedingly big sheep farmers in this area so it could be done in one day. Always with a policeman there to witness it was done properly.

When Clevedon had a river with running water. Too much sometimes after a heavy rainfall. But it kept the streets well drained.

Henerally called 'The Corner' by its customers. Brewers seem to think that a change of paint or a new sign gets the custom. How wrong they are a pleasant landlord  or  a welcoming face counts a lot more. Once I could name all the names in the picture but not now. Notice the only man without a hat is the Landlord. How fashions change.

Too many folk with washing machines now-a-days to keep it afloat.
They covered a large area too.

Another shot of the pottery in Ken Road. Pudlling the clay to separate and grit in it.

Kenn Road never flooded lower south than this. The land Yeo carried the water away. Then the powers that be decided to cover in the river. Now we get floods south of the river in a heavy rain. People that don't know are put in charge and do stupid things because they don't ask locals. They culvert'ed Middle Yeo from the motorway to the outfall. Idiots.

Monday, November 06, 2017

All I said was "There is a dead one in there"
Camera was forgotten in the counting to see where the dead minow was.
When I proved wrong I just said "Well it wasn't moving. I thought it was dead."
I'd got my shot.

Clive would try almost anything once he got an idea in his head.
"If it holds water in then it will hold water out"
Proved perfectly true.

The pigeons being ringed before they were send off for the weeks race.
That was prior to us before twisted out of our branch line railway trains.
Lefto right Ern Plumley; Rogers twin; Ray Alexander; Gordon Powell; Alf? Plumley.

When they started the big building where the allotment garden was in Gardens Road.

Lewis' pottery in Ken Road. Green the builder, used a lot of his work in the houses he built in Jesmond Road.