Monday, September 08, 2014

What a little treasure ! In the last lot of negatives I found some strips of half-frames. It was when I was visiting Bath with friends and I was experimenting with candid shots.
The Pen D series of Olympus cameras had a fairly wide angle lens; plus automatic exposure linkage.
I was winding on and then holding the camera down by my side and pressing the shutter. I took a lot in the M&S superstore and folk didn't even know I was taking. After all as far as they were concerned you have to hold the camera to your face to take a pic. Don't you?
The heading pic is the bottom half of a neg, so really it is a 1/4 frame rather than 1/2.

I used Adox Klien-bild 17 film and developed in Beutler developer. Virtually no grain problems and a sharp definition. Many stores don't like pictures being taken inside 
Although they don't put up notices saying "No photography permitted in this store" someone will ask you not to take pix. However no-one noticed because the film wind-on was so simple to work without raising the camera and I took the pix with a simple setting for focal length and exposure.
Maybe I should try doing it with the digital camera? Extra wide angle and auto focus should work together OK. I will have to get a bottom fix strap to make sure I don't drop it though.


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