Friday, March 23, 2018

Put a photo I took of Pete Cornish on the two photo sites. It was well received by a lot of folk that knew him

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Put a big pic of my friendly crow on the comp, with the following, it will be interesting to see what happens.

I have put a big picture of a crow on my computer as a background.
Why you might ask. Well until I has a stroke we had become quite frenziedly and it would come down vary close to my door to feed as I sat with the door open.
Just about 6 feet away from where I sat.
Now you can hardly speak about a wild bird as a friend, but we have an acquaintance between the two of us.
When I was allowed back home it took a little while but once more it accepts me as a fixture and I have passed within 10 or 12 feet of it when trundling along in my invalid electric chair.
I think it has become used to seeing me and realises I mean it no harm.
In acknowledgement I found one of the pictures of it taken before my stroke in '66 and I am using it as a background on my computer.
If anyone wants to copy it and do the same thing they are welcome to use it.

Put a puzzler on the picture websites

Looking through my infra-red pics on Morguefile and found these two shots.
One has has been down loaded 28 times and the other 56 times.
Which do you prefer?
Both shots are from the same original picture so the only difference is the colour.
It will be interesting to see if the results are the same on both sites.

The old railway bridge near Kenn.
Still standing because it carries the road to the Lower Stroud Road and to the small holdings and to Kingston Seymoor.
This picture was taken with my converted camera that will take only infra-red monochrome pictures.
After having fought a series of battles taking infra-red shots using a filter on the front of the camera which meant taking 3 different exposures to hopefully get one that would come out OK, I gave up and had my Sony 350 converted to take only Infra-red shots.
Now it’s easy – One snap and the picture is there.
All I need to do, is to change it to grey tones instead of red.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tried a little stir this morning.

Pictures can be found almost any place if we keep our eyes open.
After all what can be more mundane than an electric light post let alone a row of them.
But these caught my eye – balance by the bushes on the distant right and going to ?.
The mist cut superfluous detail and isolated them perfectly.
Snap and there was another picture caught.
Forget the seafront – one picture of a wave is almost like another one.

Just carry a camera and most important - - look around for your for picturs.

How about a nice shot in Infra-red of the river in Stroud Roas?
Something more to look at than another one of the Bristol Chanel?
It's so simple to take Infra-red shots if you use a filter.
As far as I was concerned I went the whole hog and had my 350 camera converted to take  only infrared shots..
I would sooner do that then accept the lousy price camera shops offer if you go to buy a new camera and want to trade in to cut the price down a bit.
"Unfortunately that model has slumped in price" is the tale - - -
So you accept it and later see your ex-camera on sale for 3 or 4 times what you accepted.
No thanks I will find other uses for my spares.

Monday, February 12, 2018

                                                Yes…. Or…. N0

It’s quite simple really. Should a picture be sharp all over or not.
I had been taking pics on Walton Moor and wished to emphasise a gate and hedge in one of the thots,
I selected a fairly large aperture to allow  a quick fall of of the focus.
I was rather pleased with the result and pasted it onto my free picture websie on
It would appear that others approved my treatment as almost 400 downloads and over 30 approval messages are now attached to it.
I was rather surprised when I put it on a public website to receive a slating because it was “Not sharp all over”

The idea in the first instance had been to keep the focus “off” in the distance by making the picture un-sharp.