Friday, November 17, 2017

The school at East Clevedon, was a success from its beginning.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Two early camera views one from each side of the church. Taken before the trees planted by Sir Edmond? had grown enough to make the pictures more difficult.

Following remarks about the lack of available pictures of East Clevedon and Swiss Valley I have started to post those that I have.
Kicking off with three drawings.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Why this had not been done years before will never be known. It added to the size of the yard and made it much easier to turn the milk floats. Also gace the fitters a bigger space to wok in on break-downs etc.
Added value to the site too. That work was what caused the end of the yard to the east to fall into the river. It also gave an extra 10 feet of yards across the width.

My Cousin belonged to the volunteer artillery. Charles the younger son of Thomas the fisherman and in later years the proprietress of bathing machines and fishing boats was a crack shot on the rifle range. Also is seems he was not out of touch with the canon. On one of the firing sessions having sunk the barrel that was anchored south of Blacksone on the mud.
He was probably one of the men in this group. We can't be certain though because after the deaths of his wife and son he left Clevedon and his death was reported in Wiltshire.
We do have his cap-badge though - - after my sisters death it was found amongst her things. Though how she had come by it heaven alone knows.
This photo was taken by their drill hall by the gas works,

When the Light Railway got a little motor driven car it quickly had a name tacked on to it by the local population. They called it the 'Flying Match Box' small and light the vehicle soon earned its nickname. Ideal for midday traffic but when it got a bit worn male passengers had to get out and walk up the slop at East Clevedon where the land rose through the valley. the alternative was to be left behind. This was generally accepted as one of the  things to be added to the 'did you know' legends that were growing about the W,C, & P.R,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Another of Clevedon's vanished shops.

When will the super-shops take over the government?