Friday, October 20, 2017

Widening Walton Road in 1960
Some of the first shots I took with my new Agiflex single-lens reflex roll film camera it had cost just under £100 and I started taking pictures for the Clevedon Mercury, working on my own initiative as I went around in the oil van. It took a couple of years but eventually the camera had paid for itself.

In the early days you didn't risk getting run over because the clip clop of horses hoofs was a good warning
What you did have to worry about if you were a female was horses deposits on the road. The was why men invented 'Crossing sweepers'

 This post is dedicated to THE HOSPITAL THAT NEVER WAS

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Clevedon Engineering Co. was based on the corner of then road next to the river. It was started and run by a man who built thr first British car to be made entirely with British components.
As far as I know only 2 of his cars survive both owned by a driver from the South East of Britain.

Fives wall at Bishops Lydeard noticed it on my way through and took a snap.

Gall-Ox bridge at Dunster.

Views across the moors fro the hill where the road goes past the Ordnance survey point; and a look at the river in the valley..