Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back from Holland in a good time.

We came back via Nijmegen Eindhoven way and missed of lot of the traffic jams. I was home by just after nine. Best time yet I think.
There were so many folk at the official occurances that I didn't get any pix at the Para drop at Ginkel Heath. The cemetery had run out of programmes and the last 20 minutes before the service started they closed the gates to all but veterans and parties. Dutch folk that wanted to enter were told that if they 
moved around the perimeter OUTSIDE of the cemetery they would be able to see and take part in the service. They wound up about 6 deep all around the small hedge and at the gates.
I managed to move over to the grass plot where the Polish servicemen's graves are and got shots of the children moving through with the flowers.
The seats in the 'gatehouse' were all taken and standing for the whole length of the service and more was very tiring.
This year it was the turn of some of the senior pupils to line the Polish grave stretch. The facial expressions are held back rather than shown and it is obvious to me that some of the younger children are really affected by their thoughts as they wait for the time to come to lay their flowers at the stones edge.

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