Sunday, February 24, 2013

Went over to watch the rugby Saturday. Very chilly and I realised I should have worn my parka. Lasted for most of the game but left 10 minutes before the end my ears were too cold from the wind and I didn't want to get earache.
Clevedon Vs Old reds
No sun so I was able to take pix from the North side of the field. Got a few close shots and sent one to North Somerset Times, compliments of the club and myself.
Sunday morning I went out and finished taking the shops series. When I came back I found I had missed 'Domestics' so looked out again and also took shots in Parnell Road and Teignmouth Road.
How many haircuts did I get here pre-war?
Didn't know about this one I wonder if Jane knew it was here. Last time I saw it, it was a unisex hairdressers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Took my neighbour Martin down to Weston hospital last Thursday to have the plaster changed on his Achillies tendon.
Stopped at a scrap yard in Banwell and then went back through Puxton. Visited the church there - always worth looking in.
Lectern Eagle in Puxton Church
 Got a shot of the lectern Martin commented on how the polish in the grooves give almost a 3d effect.
Owing to having to re-format and re-load Windows XP and then re-load all of my programmes it  has taken me 6 days to catch up on the backlog.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Went up to get new batteries for the hearing aids. It was a sunny morning so I went into Sunhill to see if the squirrels were active
Acrobatic feats to get pollen rich blossoms
They were, not on the grass but in the trees. No acorns etc. in the lawns for them but plenty of catkin type blossoms for them to forage.
Took 6 shots of this one doing a balancing act to pick its breakfast

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

One of the Old Church Road shops
Just finished scanning a series of Negs with around 1,600 selected from around 3,500 negs.
I realised when I saw some Clevedon pix of 20-30 years back that I have negllected to keep up with picture history.
Sunday I went out and took pix around the Triangle area.
Monday morning as soon as it was light enough I covered Hill Road and Alexandra Road.

Hill Road shop.
I took pix of the surrounds of the Regent that I could, also of the back yard of the old Sawyers Arms off licence.
They are sure to get changed around when new owners take them.