Sunday, December 28, 2008

An idea.

I saw on the Sony DLSR forum an item about making a diffuser, so i thought I would see if I could do it cheaper.

I went down to Weston and bought a lidded beaker in the Pound Shop. The first step was to cut a hole in the top to take the flash. As I had bought it on impulse I had to judge the size. The flash would only just fit so I had to cut down in the rim.

This allowed it to fit as a push on.

I took pics with it set at 90 degress, 45 degres and then straight.

160th at f16 direct is fair enough with a good spread of light through the 'frosted' bottom of the beaker. The others had to be taken at f7.1 and although correctly exposed are not in my opinion showing enough depth of field.
I have come to the conclusion that if I want to do a bounce flash portrait I will either use a bare flash head on the ceiling of a room as at Trellis House where I simply bounced the flash. Or use for straight shots, my inflatable diffuser that was a sight cheaper than Gary Fong's offerings.