Friday, March 28, 2014

Went down to the first day of the West Somerset Spring Gala. Got shots of Wadebridge, Manston, Reveningham Hall, The Southern Rail U class, The 5322 14-18 War class loco, and the large Prarie tank. It was rather cold and that kept the steam down and showing well. I think almost the best trip I have made to the W.S.R galas. all locos running ‘right way round’ too.
Got them all by 12 and started back. Travelling medium and long distances is not so interesting now-a-days. Too much traffic on the roads, even the little country lanes seem to get folk on them. Problem than is they don’t know the area and want to move too fast. Some of the lanes running below the 358 15 M.P.H. is plenty. There is no place to pull off if you meet with an idiot at 30-40 speed.
12 pix posted on Flickr Friday 28th Checked Tuesday 1st and there has been over 600 views.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I noticed that the EuroMillions prize had been fiddled again. 1st week 12 million, 2nd week total 20 million. They have transferred 4 million I reckon over to give away the £20,000 prizes on Lotto.
Why should I pay £2 for a ticket to have possible winnings fiddled like this?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I looked out early and the sky was clear, so I grabbed the camera and went down to the Kenn Road bridge over the Blind Yeo

The light was changing minute by minute or to be more accurate I suppose second by second.

There had been a good frost set in during the night and I had to use a bottle of warm water to clear the screen on the Smart-Idiot.
Set the camera to manual and di the same as I had at Court Lane
First couple of shots the lighten shadows operation was no good. then as the sun crept up it worked out OK. Until the sun got clear there was a good red in the sky then just blue.
Got back not actually shivering but my hands were cold. 
Next time I must remember to put on a sweater under my leather jacket.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Had a request from a Dutch author writing about Dornier 20's to use one of the pix taken originally by Alf Hodgkins that I posted on Morguefile. He wanted a better definition so I edited it to 500 D.P.I. and 9inch.
I also reduced shadows in Elements and brought to light two more letters in the registration numbers. Orignally only A3 + showed; I had assumed that the + was a Danish or Norwegian flag to show where they were based. 
Sent it off to him and he was happy with it.
He also sent me an Email back

A3+EE code was used by KG 200, a secretive Luftwaffe unit. They used seaplanes to drop agents behind Russian lines. In the summer of 1944 they were operating from bases in Finland. I only found out thanks to your photo!” 

Surprising what Morguefile can turn up isn't it.

A Blohm-Voss flying boat ancjored off the hangar at Schleswid. They use to fly way out into the Atlantic, the unfortunate rear gunner was in an open seat exposed to the draught of the 3rd prop that face backwards and acted as a pusher.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Blackthorn blossom is out at last. For the past few years "Blackthorn Winter" has been getting a little later.
Normally I could count on the sight of it in mid February. Last year it was layte and this year again - Mid March? The old countrymen will be turning in their graves at the thought.
I must try to get up to Weston-in-Gordano an get some pix of the blackthorn hedge.

I had my new 10 dioptre len arrive just in time. Used it on the 90mm Tamron macro lens.
Lord knows what happened to my original one. The last time I used it was out at mMud Lane after I had taken some steam train pix last year. Probably left on the car roof and went the way of all things. One thing about this new one is that it is most likely a better lens than my old one. 
I just hope that this coming summer is better than last year. I took very few flower shots then, that is why I did not miss the old dioptre lens. Until I looked last week and it was missing from the camera bag.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Came on some pix of lilys that I took some while back. I think with the A550 when I was also taking some infrared shots at Tickenham.
Must check on the Flickr posting exif to be certain.

Loverly colour. It was the SLT 55v and the Tamron 90mm lens, 3,200 ISO

Monday, March 10, 2014

Looked out at 5.15 and sky was black but a few stars showing. Went out at about 5.45 to the mootorway bridge but not much there. Went down to the Blind Yeo Rhine

Took this shot at 1/90th f4.5 ISO 1,000 lost most of the sky detail that showed a very nice red tint.

Went to Manual and set  at 1/8th at f22 ISO 400. I got the sky detail beautifully but lost shadows.
Set up Adobe Elements 6 and increased shadow detail in quick fix.
This shot equals more or less what my eyes saw. 
I must make a point of doing this when out early in the mornings. It just goes to show that even at 90 years old you are NEVER too old to learn.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Looked out Sunday Morning just after 6. I was too late to catch the red sky but went out to the motorway bridge and got the sun rising just above the horizon.
I will have to look again and see what I can do. I had not realised the light was coming quite so ealry but then after all it is March. The year is going past at a gallop rather than a trot.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Asked if they would like some pix taken inside KwikFit. Told them they could use any they wanted for whatever, no charge.
I also said I would take a series of the alterations and let them have too.
Fantastically clean and tidy the above is one of the MOT bays. Looks more like a laboratory.   

One of the new type lifts. No posts to get in the way. 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Quiet morning Sunday so when I came back from getting the paper I put a wide angle on the A77 and took a sweep pic of KwikFit to record what it looked like pre additions. Set the 11-18 Tamron to 13mm and it gave a shot that must be 180 degrees at least
Also a couple of wide angle with the 11-88 Tamron, both direct right angle shots and from the North side to get where the additions will be made. Added them to Flickr and to Morguefile as well.
I ill see about getting interiors perhaps, if they will allow them.