Sunday, April 27, 2014

 On Sunday there was a double header of Nunney Castle and Braunton, hauling the “Round Britain” leg from Cornwall to Bristol. I went to Yatton station because the weather was not too good and if it were to rain heavy at least there was a station with some platform cover. The damp air kept the steam down — maybe a little too much. I sometimes like to take shots from the crossing bridge, if I had tried that this time all I would have got was a steam cloud. Managed to get a set of 3 groups, Just, and only just, manged the closer ones. They were certainly travelling fast. Right on time too. Nice to see Nunney Castle on her home lines.
I won’t bother to go to Pilning to get the LMS class 5 — too early in the morning and the M5 motorway will be chock-a-block with commuter traffic.

Went down to the Launderette at Warrens Holiday Camp and Motel this morning.
On the way I noticed a crab apple tree growing by the top of Colehouse Bridge.

 Stopped on the way back and cut a twig off. Always nice to see a little colour in the flower instead of just 
a plain white
 I must keep my eyes open to spot a Midland Hawthorn in bloom.if I can find one.

Finished ABBYY'ing the Langworthy clerk case and sorted it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Went up to Posset to visit Alliance Housing about the water rate etc.
Only a few feet away from the dock-side.  I was surprised to see the number of boats anchored there in the marina. The housing looks quite decorative but I would not care to live there. After knowing Posset in the old days when the Power Station was there and the coal boats unloading it is too artificial and Chi-chi a setting now.
I wonder what Granfy Gale would think of it?
I reckon I know what Uncle Bill Gale would be saying about it. LOL.

Only saving grace is the water is clearer than it used to be.

Went over to Bath Spa station by bus. I was thinking of going by car to Keynsham and taking advantage of my ‘Blue Card’ to park near the Sommerville Park entrance. I decided to economise on petrol; glad that I did. There was plenty of photographers at Bath but I managed to get some satisfying shots using Hi in the repetition setting. Left at 10.25 and got back just after 3. Hungry but sated as far as pix are concerned.

Not too many folk in the way but I didn't try to get pix from the front as they pulled out of the station. It was more crowded there.

Friday, April 04, 2014

The Bullace sucker that I brought back from G.G.G. Grandmother Mary i.e. Mary's garden at Tickenham: has a mass of flowers on this year. Saw them showing so I grabbed the camera and put on the 90mm Tamron and managed to get about 8 shots. 2 were not good but I had 6 that I posted on both Morguefile and Flickr.

Last year it showed a couple that went to nothing. I just hope that these blossoms set and produce some Bullace. It is a bit chilly with the wind and I haven't seen any bees or hoverflies around so far. Just have to cross my fingers and hope I suppose.