Saturday, November 16, 2013

I wonder how many folk get caught with these stupid add ons that keep popping up.
"Weird tip for a flat belly."
"Shocked doctors with muscle weight putting drugs."
" Steroid type additives to increase muscle power" (with an obviously and ridiculous edited pic with enlarged chest and arms)
I just automatically chuck them out. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Gull Wing Merc sports car

Went up to Mercedes at Cribb's causeway to get my passenger air bag re-installed. While I was waiting I had a look round the showroom.
Really marvellous gull wing car there. I can just imagine me driving it. Insurance would be horrendous, what with age and the car type I reckon it would be well into the 10's of K's.
There was a very nice family type - not quite an estate that would have done me better. However Ernie is never kind to me and Euro Millions seems to have forgotten I buy tickets so they will have to stay in my dreams.
Main thing is now the Smart has been adjusted I can listen to tapes or Classic FM when I am driving. 
Had an Email about some of my hoverfly pix. I looked to Google map and saved a screen pic .  Nailsea Wall is marked on the pic but Cleverham drove - is only referenced by the little A tab.
Last spring and summer  was not so good but previous years there had been lots of insect life along the brambles in the hedgerows along the field access lanes