Friday, September 12, 2014

Bath is a lovely city, as well as old buildings and the ancient Roman Baths there are many people wandering around the streets.
Shoppers, tourists of all nationalities, and people with cameras like myself. It can be the ideal place to get candid shots as long as you can stop the subjects from realising that you are taking pictures of them.

                          "Where are we?  Why we are here, where I am pointing."
When folk are taken up with what they are doing, the world around them ceases to exist. 
Their thoughts and mind are in another world. Perhaps they fantasize on something in a shop  window, imagining themselves wearing, or using the item they are viewing.
Maybe they are searching for a particular thing and are comparing a "nearly it" in their mind to see if it could be made to do the task required.
Whatever it is they are far away from a busy arcade shopping centre in Bath City. It would probably need a bomb going off to bring them back to earth.
In the mean-time they have been captured on film and the moment has been frozen for ever in my little Olympus Pen D half frame camera. Quiet and unobtrusive with no clapping mirror or shutter blinds, just a little click and they are mine. 

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