Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Childrens portraits

Oddly when it came to portraits or portrait type pix of children, it surprised me to see that they were all from the days of my old film cameras.




              This one scored highest 869 downloads

Taken on 6x6 roll film Adox film developed in Beutler developer/ One of my godsons who wanted me to take a picture of him with his new sweater. He got a bit upset because an older brother kept on trying to push in to get himself in the picture.

                                     Again on 6x6 821 downloads

This one is of a close neighbours boy 'Bluey' with my dog Loof. I think this would have been taken with my Mamiya 33. I was working on the oil van loading up when Bluey came along to chat with the dog. A favourite  friend of anyone that would give him time and make a fuss of him. (The dog not Bluey)

        Taken on FP3 120 Roll film developed in Johnsons Unitol 766 downloads

One of the first and best of the shots taken on my Agiflex lll. I was really amazed at the quality  I could get after a few years of using an old 6x9 roll film camera. This shot of my 2nd oldest Godson (Now a grandfather) was a favourite of his mother's and his father as well.
Steve used to travel out with me on the oil round in the school holidays. 
At the farm where this was taken they had a bottle fed lamb that was being raised; Steve was rather surprised when it allowed him to make a fuss and the dog came over for a share of it as well. I always carried a camera with me and this pic was the result.. 

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