Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Will wonders never cease?

Years back now, in my Shotgun days, it was a struggle to get to under 100 yards of a wood-pigeon. It used to be said that one of them could spot a human face or figure from around a quarter mile away. Now with the movement of wood-pigeons into town it is another matter.

                              They come to my lawn in numbers

Providing I do not move from my place as I look out through the glass door they are content to peck out at the breadcrumbs I scatter for the sparrows.

                                         Just a few feet away
The only thing that disturbs them are the seagulls; but they are few and far between. They only swoop in when there are large pieces of food.
                 Watching and careful but not worried

If I move too quickly they are alerted but settle again if I stay still and quiet.

                               All is well heads down and tuck in

Six feet away and all that is between us is a sheet of glass. 
What a different world we live in today. Crows nesting in Clevedon; Jackdaws building nests using chimney pots to rear their fledglings. Wood-pigeons all over, Peregrines nesting on the sea-cliffs, and so I have been told ravens nesting in Clevedon as well. How many wild mallard ducks do we have on our rivers? The foxes have also moved into the safety zone. When I was working on a milk round I often spotted them as I went on my round at 4 in the morning. I also saw the occasional badger. Where there are people there is also food.  
How long before we get a Rookery back in town? I can recall there used to be one in the grounds of Clevedon Hall back in the 50s. 

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