Sunday, June 12, 2016

We think they are nothing much

Yes we turn our noses up at sparrows quite often; only a sparrow we think, yet, look closer. 

              What an intricate pattern that is on the Hen Sparrows back feathers.

Seen in the distance as just a little brown bird; when looked at closely it changes doesn't it?

                      A cock bird seen having a go at breadcrumbs
After a few days of putting out stale bread bits I thought about the sparrows busy gathering insects and spiders to feed their young.
I put a couple of slices of stale wholemeal (white bread is not good enough it doesn't give the correct food values) through the blender and rendered it down to large crumb size.

                                       Rather too large to get into the frame.

Another bird that fancied that was a wood-pigeon that turned up for a free meal too.

                             A giant compared to the little Sparrows.

Once the news got around there were a many as six sparrows at once when they got busy feeding the fledglings. It was almost like a shuttle service.
Crafty Crow had come along but thought breadcrumbs beneath its dignity. Although it did pick out a few shreds of meat from the sandwich remains.

                         At least it helped by scattering the pile.

It didn't stop for long after taking a good look through and scattering the little heap I had piled up. Made a bigger place for the sparrows to search in however.
I never would have thought that there could be so much entertainment just looking out of my back door like this.

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