Sunday, June 19, 2016

Well I've gone and done it.

Bought myself a Reliant again.
The Smart Idiot was gradually driving me round the twist. Anything wanted doing it was either go up to Cribs Causeway or drive down to Taunton. So I bought myself a new (old) car.

I do have a squeeze to get in and out
The Rebel had been stripped down and rebuilt and I will have to get used to manual gear change again. New internals in the body and 44 years old, so no road tax.

                                        And no bloody computer in it.
A simple dash board that allows ME to be in charge.

                                           What is more important 
It has a Boot with space in it; also a spare wheel.
With space enough to carry my camera gear too.

                                  Been re-sprayed and looks good.

A real classic car, and not a foreign make. Top speed is only 70mph but I lost my 'boy racer' dreams many years back so that won't worry me. All I want now is some steam trains running on local lines and that would make my joy complete.

                              The engine is packed beneath the  bonnet

The space is filled but seems a bit more organised than that of the Reliant Rialto that I used to enjoy so much.

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