Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Reclining does not mean sleeping.

I have been told with no ifs or buts recently, that I need to reduce my bank balance.
One of the first things that I acquired was a recliner chair. Now reclining does not necessarily mean sleeping. I have had it set up to be facing outwards so that through my French window I can see the activity of the birds as they feed and also collect insects etc on the lawn.
One of the workers is of the Crow family; nicknamed by me Crafty Crow.  It comes down and disappears if the door is open but if the door is shut and the net curtains are drawn that does not seem to bother it.
                        Sorting out the good from the ordinary

It has a particular liking for Pommes Noisettes either cooked (which I found out when chucking out a couple on the lawn after having cooked too many for my dinner)  or uncooked. I found out the latter when putting some out to tempt it.
                                       Ah A real and genuine Noisette. 

Sitting patiently in my new recliner and resisting dropping of to sleep I waited – and waited – and waited. Then I realised the door was open the curtains drawn back. I closed the door, shortly afterwards it came down. Now I had also put in a couple of potato wedges in my offering; thinking to tempt it. Was it interested No No, 
Straight to the Noisette it went. Picked one up and away. It wouldn't trust me and eat it there and then. Off it went and then later came back. 

                                              I can carry One easily 

Now it is easy for us (Knowledgeable as we are) to think “If I can carry one I can also carry two” but my friendly Noisette liker had also figured this out. Next time it also took two away with it.

If I can carry One why not Two

Mean while sensible Sparrows and Starlings intent of feeding young fledglings were rooting about in the grass looking for insects and similar. 
The Crafty Crow had a little hoard all to itself. Finally having collected and eaten all the Noisettes it took away ONE potato wedge and didn't come back for any of the others. 

                         Well I;ll take this one back as a treat for the kids.

I look forward to the day it brings the young'uns down to feed as well 


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