Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ornamental Cherry today
Went down early and snipped a spray, the flowering shrubs and bushes are beginning to show blossom.

Delicate little flowers Not much leaf yet so they are not hidden.

Closer shot reveals a suggestion of pinkness spreading form the flower centre
Leaves lower down the stem are starting to sprout. But they don't cover the flowers.
Bit cold for insects at the moment. Quite a hard frost overnight. I had to use a bottle of warm water to clear the car windscreen.
Made sure it was not too hot. I once saw a man pur water from a kettle on his windscreen and it shattered.
Far too hot and almost boiling. He hadn't seen there was a small chip on the glass. Just enough to do it. Bam - screen in little bits.

Didn't require any accessories for this one The Tamron 90mm macro covered it all. 
Managed a black background in most of the shots by using the reverse side of the bits from my old printer/scanner although the shot with the camera flash at a distance had a greyish tone and unrelieved shadow.

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