Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Well I'm Blessed.
Just discovered while browsing morguefile downloads. 
I somehow became tangled with Panaramio and Flickr and found that over 250 of my pix posted on the web have been selected for Google Earth picture links. No money in it but I am very pleased to think that my pix have been considered good enough to be used internationally like that. 

One of the pix was one taken when I first had my Sony A350 converted to take Infra-red pictures without the need to use a filter and tripod with 30 second exposures.
There are quite a few colour pix of Clevedon there as well.
I really enjoy doing IR pix, specially editing them afterwards to add colour shadings.

Like this one of Kingston Seymour that I titled "The Golden Village"

Edited by turning the monochrome infra-red picture to 10% sepia to get it recognised as a colour picture. Then selecting Coloured egdes in Effects- Artistic effects  and editing to Luminescence 8
Blur 0
Intensity 9
To try to summerise this peaceful off the beaten track Somerset Village. 

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