Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Booked an appointment 
Went up this morning and booked an appointment with the doctor. As I left I noticed some very small white flowers in the privet hedge. Got cheeky and snipped off a twig.

When I got home I set up and clipped it in the little stand.

Put the Tamron 90mm Macro on the camera and found that it took at 2x lifesize with the tele-extender on it. Made the f32 change into f64.
Rigged the ring flash and was able to take at full power.
The ring flash permits detail deep into the flower  when the petals are parted.
Then put a 10 dioptre lens on the front of the Tamron and it increased the magnification to 3.5x life-size.The dioptre lens didn't increase the f number but brought the camera very close to the flower.

All I can say or think about it is Hooray for Minolta's 1200 AF flash and the Control unit.

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