Thursday, March 26, 2015

Raining Thursday morning.
I checked the weather forecast and they said it would be clearing. I had been thinking of going down to Crowcombe Heathfield to take train pix.
What should I do? Chanced it and took off. By the time I got to Taunton the weather was brightening and the sun peeping through.
Looked in at the station and got a Gala timetable. Also took a sweep shot of the downside platform using the Tamron 11 to 18 mm. wide angle. Actual focal length 16 to 27 mm, I reckon at the widest it covers well over a 200 degree angle on a sweep picture.  

Chatted to one of the staff and arranged I would send them a series of what I took that morning.

I had as targets the two Hall Class ex-GWR locos and Britannia. Luckily they were the first three locomotives to run. I got a series of Raveningham Hall as she came round the bend and up the line from Roebuck crossing.
Britannia was 10 minutes late for the passing link and upset the timing. The wind was rather strong and very cold.

If I moved back to the car I would lose my place. By the time she had arrived and dropped off and picked up my ears were really cold. I checked and decided I had time to get to Leigh Farm level crossing to get shots of Kinlet Hall.

Because of Britannia the cross at Williton meant that Kinlett Hall was in turn running around 10 minutes late. She came round the bend going great guns, hoping to make up time I expect. By this time my head was cold and I realised I should have worn my sheepskin cap to keep my ears warm.
The wind was quite a lot stronger than it had been at Clevedon and much colder. Although it was early I packed in and got back home by 12.30. Earache, Headache but very satisfied with my results.

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