Sunday, March 15, 2015

What use is mankind?
Are we merely insignificant dots on the landscape? Have we ever done anything as a group to help the world?
Or - are we just like a fungus that is gradually destroying Earth as we know it?

We kid ourselves on that we are masters of our destiny but nature brings us back to reality sharply.   
We conquer plagues and find new ones that inflict us. Bacteria so small that it is invisible to the naked eye, manages to kill us off by the thousand. We invent ever more powerful anti pest poisons that are wiping out helpful insects at the same time as killing off harmful ones
We spend billions of our wealth in an attempt to conquer space. Is it simply because it is there?
What benefits will living on another planet that is airless bring us? 
Even so; nations that have entered the "Space Race" have millions of their population on the bread-line of starvation. Whilst they spend vital cash in an attempt to prove how 'advanced' they are.
Other nations pollute the very atmosphere in which they live, in the race for manufacturing monopoly. Simply to get money so that they can dominate other countries by purchasing control of them.

We poison the seas with plastic rubbish that kills off marine life. Every year more and ever more species are wiped out through the careless actions of mankind as a group. 
We refuse to act as we should as caretakers of nature's wonders and dissipate natural resources in our search for pleasure ever more pleasure.
We are the creators of our own doom, and make no attempt to slow it down. 
And when we go, as go we will; we will have no one to blame except Homo Sapiens.  

The final stage of man that proved he was misnamed as sapiens.

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