Friday, March 13, 2015

What a surprise. !

Looking through 'Last Downloaded' on Morguefile this morning. Saw the full sized pic and wondered if it would show as used via Google because it had had a fair number of downloads.
Up came this book cover use of the cropped image.
I believe that brings my various book-cover numbers up to eight. I can remember I took the photo when on a delivery working part time for a butcher. It was a crisp morning and I parked in the lane by Weston-in-Gordano church and got some shots across the moorland fields from the churchyard.
Made me laugh a little when, after posting on a Flickr group, one of the members said the distance was out of focus. I refrained from pointing out that I had deliberately applied differential focus to cause the eye to concentrate on the foreground. To some folk everything must be dead sharp even though it makes for a 'dead' photo. 
Probably that same person would say why did the author/publisher use it as a monochrome image. That use alone makes it clear that it was most likely selected as such as a comment, about the times when the book was written.

Sorting through again later. Found that my photo of Christmas Steps in Bristol had been used as a heading for a screen play. That is certainly a first for me. 

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