Saturday, January 10, 2015

Spring Tide
Well the wind was from the right angle and the tide fairly high although 2 days on from its highest. So I went down the Beach to get some shots. I took advantage of my blue card and parked above the sailing club in the shelter of the privet hedge there. I saw to my astonishment that some drivers were parked along the beach section. What the salt will do to their cars is amazing. 
The someone carrying a camera came along the Alcove esplanade, knowing full well what the tide can do there it is the last place I would want to carry my SLT A7. I didn't work part time until I was 83 years old so that I could buy camera stuff, just to get it covered with salt spray.
Sure enough up came a splash, they had to turn their back and got soaked. I expect the camera got some too. I can remember back a few years now when a photographer with a Rollieflex 6x6 stood there and had to do the same thing. What it did to his camera Lord only knows.
I would have taken my shots from the Pier Copse but parking would have been more of a problem, walking any distance now can be tiring. It is easier to get shots from there that cover the Alcove Esplanade and the beach road near Spray Point.

Taken from the Pier Copse viewpoint several years back. 

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