Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Herring Bridge over the Land Yeo.
The Herring Bridge, probably the oldest bridge in Clevedon. Nothing to do with fish though. The name is a corruption of Hurn Bridge, (Heron Bridge) named after the shape of the river dog-leg there being compared to the leg of a heron as it stands looking for prey at the waterside.
I have been a member of Facebook for some time now but posted very little because I did not like the way they permitted “Grooming” on the site.
However I have – this week – joined the Everything Clevedon group. A very active number of people who post things concerning, and only concerning Clevedon, where they live or lived. Many of those that post are genuine Clevedonians but there are plenty who have come to live in our town that appreciate what we have and try to keep.
Many are interested in things long gone, or ancient bits of the town. 

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