Saturday, January 17, 2015

Odd how folk don't realise that things change so fast. The older generation dies out and their vocabulary dies with them. Names of places change, slang or idiom alters. Words get forgotten.
Mrs Hurley's shop for 'as new' wardrobes
I posted this picture on Everything Clevedon; a group on Facebook. There was almost an instant clamour of members saying they had never heard of the place. Also some who said their older relatives could remember it well. Yet the name dates only from about 150 years ago and the picture from early 1900's. Pre 39-45 war it was quite common to refer to a short section of Parnell Road as 'The Barton'. Many of the terraces built in the town had names given to them by the builders, the memories of this too is gradually dying out.  Unless it is recorded Clevedon will lose a lot of its early history. 

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