Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Demolition of the late Hilda Copes cottage and shop.
Look for one thing and find another, odd how often it seems to happen to me. I MUST start to get my JPG's properly titled and organised. After my hard drive failed and I lost so many of my pix I was told of an Australian firm that had a preogramme that could recover files even although the drive had been re-formatted. Only problem was I saved aeound 12,000 JPG's but all of them were titled Lostfile #### with a serial number. Full size pix and thumbnails ones as well. The scanning my negatives over, a job that should have been done years ago I just numbered them instead of titleing as I went.
When I looked for Hilda Copes cottage demolition a couple of months back I could not find it. Now looking for pix of family it turns up. 

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