Thursday, January 01, 2015

Place de la Concorde Paris Autumn 1945

Came across some negatives taken when we travelled from Schleswig in north Germany down to Istres in the south of France. We were sent down to rebuild the communications on the airfield there that was being used to re-patriate ex-prisoners of war from the far east. I had a very cheap roll film camera and took some pix as we drove through Paris. 

 Stopped for a mid-day break and meal. There was not many of 20 Construction Section, Most were from 135 Line. Some faces I can still recognise but most names not.

Pic of myself taken when we pulled off the road and stopped outside of a POW Camp in the Rhone Valley. 
I was suffering from a sore throat at the time and could eat very little. When we got to Istres I was in the RAF hospital for a week with a double Quinsy in the throat.
Nothing to eat for three days and only thin chicken soup. 
On the fourth day I was allowed some solids. Chicken soup with several pieces of cut up chicken in it. Also a real treat - rice pudding and also custard as a sweet afterwards. 10th Air Formation Signals were in Italy, so why were we sent all the way down there from the 11th and then all the way back? 

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