Monday, January 26, 2015

Have a nice job now, after finishing John's negatives.
Jane passed me over Phil Ellis' negatives to scan. He was the Traffic Warden for Clevedon for some years and carried a small camera with him when he was on duty. Anything of interest to be seen and he took pix.
I have started with the 126 film, probably taken with a Pen auto exposure camera like the one I have. The negatives strip are in 4's and will just fit into the 35mm carrier of my 4870 scanner although it trims the top by about 6.5%.
I think maybe the film was old because it requires quite a lot of twiddling - Contrast and Colour Saturation-wise when editing. Results are not too bad though 

Demolition of the old Police Station in Old Church Road Clevedon, approx 1985-6 pix by Phil Ellis

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