Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Following a discussion on about reversing a standard lens on a longer focal length lens by way of double male adaptors; I hunted out some that I took on the Romano-British farmstead we dug at East End Farm.
The piece of rose quartz had been faceted and polished, presumably to use as a decoration on a broach.
The little site had been vandalised at a little later date (probably when the Roman occupation had ended) and my last dig as an amateur archaeologist  to 'prove' the drainage ditch recovered a large quern stone that had been broken.

The small blue bead is around the size of a match head and the boot nail was found near it in the ditch immediately to the north of the stone floor.
There were a series of nails but the leather had needless to say rotted away.

The quern seems to have been deliberately broken and is quite large in size. Most domestic stones are more like 10 or 12 inches across. This one was so large it required a whrist to turn it rather than the domestic type small hole for a wooden peg.

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