Friday, October 31, 2014

Why do these things happen to me?

Is it because I try to work too quickly? I was going through the 1871 census for Walton-in-Gordano and getting on fairly well. Then came the time to save it and take a break. I asked Word to save the document and was told it could not be done. Purely for convenience I was working with it on a memory stick. I had moved the usb holder and inadvertently held it next to the on/off switch. My fingers tips being a bit big had switched off the connection. File was saved as a Temp, I thought OK I can open it and transfer to Word.Doc. Could I hell; the Temp file could not be opened.
Now since my trouble with the hard drive on the PC failing and having to be re-formatted I decided to use hard drives in a caddy and a dock for my files. I upload my programmes to the C drive but my work folders are saved in auxiliaries N, O, P. When my hard drive failed I lost around 10,000 JPG’s. I just did not know what to do but was told about a fantastic programme from Australia “Rescue My Files”. It cost around £70 but I was able to save all the files that had not been written over by reloading the Windows XP system. In spite of the re-formatting they could recover them, and I wound up with around 13,000 JPG’s and a lot of Doc files. True it had recovered not only full sized picture files but also thumbnail images. All of the files had the pre-fix lostfile and series number. That made a lot of work time to sort them but better that, than no pix at all.
Next thing I knew was that my auxiliary drive N a 2.5 inch 500 GB drive in a Novatech Dock disconnected. I jiggled it about and managed to regain contact but it was a warning. Solid state drives are now being sold that will hold 1 and also 2 TB’s. The price though dropping is still out of my range, on EBay I managed to get another Seagate 500 GB 3 inch drive for £20. I already had a spare Novatech Dock so 9 hours work saw the files transferred. Yes 9 bloody hours – my JPG’s numbered over 22,000 and required 3 hours alone.
Now I have a total of 2 TB’s on 4 auxiliary drives and I am making sure that they are cross-saved as back-ups.

 I wonder what the next crisis will be?
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