Monday, October 06, 2014

Once again the fish and meat stalls were crowded with shoppers.

At last I have managed to post up on Morguefile the last of the Friday Market pix. Even saw this year smoked eels for the first time at €19.50 per 500gm. The Dutch people certainly enjoy and appreciate their fish.
There were even Nile Perch, Lates niloticus from Lake Victoria on sale. The road was blanked off for the large trailers and people could browse without the fear of being run over.

The market seems to be getting bigger each year I have visited. I was speaking to one of the traders and he agreed that they bring in numbers of folk from the surroundings villages and smaller towns on Friday and Saturdays.
Just imagine if Bristol did something like that in Broadmead. I reckon it would get a lot of trade back from Cribb's Causeway and prove very popular with shoppers. This year I did not have the energy to walk up the side road to the flower booths. Got back to the Golden Tulip Hotel and would have slept through dinner at 6.30, if Sabina had not woken me.

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