Sunday, October 12, 2014

Went up to post off my driving licence renewal and noticed from the hill that there was a mist out on the moor.
Grabbed the camera when I got back and went out to Manmoor Lane. In that short  time the mist had dissipated but still showed a trace. 
I took a sweep pic that covered the fields and also the Blind Yeo.

Still a little mist along the water but not very much. It is beginning to FEEL like autumn now, in spite of the trees still showing green. I was glad that I had stopped to put on my top-coat when I got the camera.

Took a shot downriver too towards the M5 bridge. A few swans there but not as many as I have seen in previous years. They can be as bad as Canada geese for trampling the grass and early crops down.
I must post a set of pix  on Flickr, with the notation 
"Clevedon is more than a pier" Why is it that the pier is all that some folk see to take pix of?

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