Saturday, October 04, 2014

The avenue entrance to the Oosterbeek war cemetery 
At last the job has ended. I had not realised just how many pix I had taken this year, I thought less than last but in spite of not getting any of the para drop on Saturday I have had a total of well over 600 shots.
Weather was mainly good although a couple of light showers took place at the week-end. Yesterday was spent copying over the master DVD 30 times to send off to those 'Cloggers' whose addresses I have. Today I must get stamps and then post off those for the U.K. Tomorrow I can post the ones for our Dutch friends. 
For those that would like to see this pic larger, just click on it and it will fill your screen.
Every time I look at this pic it makes me think of the poem I wrote a few years back.
War Cemetery. 

He saw the many stones, and then the tears
coursed slowly down his cheeks, and when they asked
“Why do you weep?” He said with softened voice,
“I weep for lads cut down in youths full flower,
I weep for all the stark futility
the very inhumanity of war;
even the thought of killing fellow man
repels me, is against my way of life.
Yet when the clarion call stirs up my blood
I can become as one with them myself.
So did I weep – because I realise
I am as bad as those that I condemn.”

Ben Grader September 2004

I was pleased I managed to get it done in Iambic Pentameter. One of the few I have written like that.
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