Friday, October 10, 2014

To edit or not?

Had a look at the pix I took from the coach when we left Temple Meads on our way to Holland.
I only wish it were possible to have let down the window so as to stop the reflections.
Cabot Circus is not too bad but the one of St Paul's Church in Portland Square has a large patch across the middle.
The question now is "Should I take a lot of time to edit the reflection out?"
The basic reason for taking the pic of the church goes back to the 1950-60's when I used to
go to Bristol on the BSA 500 twin combination, and on the B31 BSA.
That area and the City road area used to be a regular visiting place. Fowlers were on the City Road and they were very good stockists  for spare parts.
The big BSA spares place in the Zetland Road area used to have such a long waiting time to get served mainly because they were the authorised agents for BSA.
Where have they all gone now? Fowlers are still going strong out by Temple Meads most of the others have just vanished.
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