Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Went round to Jane's to leave some books and saw this little plant, made me think "Town Hall Clock" but it is not that.

The leaf shape suggests a hotter climate so is it a foreign intrusion?
Put a 'seek' on Flickr to ID Please and also on Flowers of the British Isles to see what turns up. Now I found that in 2 days there has been 944 views. Why on earth is that happening?

Email from Jane suggests Euphorbia species. Looked on Google and then selected images. Euhorbia amygdaloides AKA Wood Spurge    Leaf shape is because it flourishes in dry conditions. Not in my Octopus Wild Flower book but it was in the Readers Digest Wild Flower book. I got that one for 50p at a 'bandstand sale' regret not getting the set that was there.

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