Sunday, June 08, 2014

Had an idea this morning and went down to the old railway track at Colehouse. Took the Sony 350 that I had altered to Infra-red. It had cost just over £300 but it means that I can take pix at any speed I wish to, and also see the image I am taking for framing etc. Biggest problem with IR filters is the length of time to take, around something like 15 to 30 seconds for the average exposure. It means that foliage on trees or the grass stems and plants are just a blur even if the breeze is gentle. I can now take at anything up to 1/4,000th if I want to, also I can see exactly what I am getting. Thinking back 80 years, how many times have I looked over the top of the bridge to see the train? Also when they had the metal frame rather then the slid brick pillar I wonder how many times we stood there where the driver could not see us to wave the loco past. Went from there to Hill Road and got a shot of the stone pines 
Pity the cars were there but I will have to try again in the week, After the commuters are gone but before the incomers arrive perhaps.
Infra-red certainly makes foliage stand out. Maybe if I stood to the right with the 18-270 lens on the Sony 350 I could lose some of the cars. Worth trying.
What a pity that as far as some folk taking pictures of Clevedon seem to concentrate just on the pier. There is so much else to see if they kept their eyes open.

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