Monday, June 23, 2014

 After I was taking pix of Clevedon from Dial Hill Road I went back via Court Lane to see what was about on the moor. Noticed a lot of horse transport at the Hand so I looked down there later. There was nothing doing but there were literally hundreds of cyclists coming down Court Lane and going on toward Kenn Pier and, I think, through Nailsea?
I stopped and took a few shots; talked to one of the stewards and found it was the "Bristol's Biggest Bike-ride" week-end.
I passed him one of my cards and told him that anyone was at liberty to copy pix from Morguefile and use them for any purpose they wished.
When I was uploading to Morguefile I had a thought and posted one to David Bickell at at the North Somerset paper. I mentioned that I had to give up taking rugby pix because of standing problems. Has a very nice Email from him Monday morning to say he would use it if there was enough space. 

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