Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sorting through some original folders from when I first had the Sony SLT A77, and came upon some JPG's to file away from pix I had taken with the A55.

When I first saw this plant I thought 'Vetch' but it is Melilotus altissimus
It was growing along the side of the rail track at Mud Lane.
Culpeper names it as King's Claver says of it "Melliltot boiled in wine and applied modifies all hard tumours and inflammations, etc'. and adds; 'The flowers of Melliltot or Camomile is much used to be put together in clysters to expel wind and ease pains'  

Had a comment by Peter on Floral pix that this could be mistaken identity he suggests officinalis .I have checked on Google images but all the shots there are too small to get a macro of the flower.
I went out to Mud Lane rail crossing Thursday Morning but they had grubbed out the patch where these plants had been growing. Why did I not take pix of the leaves ? I didn't start doing that until later. 

As can be seen the flower is very similar to a vetch but on closer examination it has a difference.
I am almost sure it must be a mistake but according to Flickr the pic I uploaded there has had 1,443 views. Friday:- Looked at Flickr this morning and the views have gone up to over 5,000 something crazy is going on. 

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