Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Very much delayed posting. On Saturday 28th I was caught by a virus. Sunday after coming back from a steam safari I opened my PC to find it going round in circles. Loading cancelling, shutting down, reloading and so on.
I managed to re-format after about an hour of dodging but of course lost all my hard drive files. However my work files I had saved on 2 Novatech caddies holding HDs of 500 G.B.s each.
At least this time my JPGs are safe and sound.
I blamed a scam Email supposed to come from Fed-ex but I have been told since that it was more likely a fake Adobe update that is circulating.
I just curse the Basketing Drongos that have done this. Re-format meant I lost my sound and also my internet connection.
I was working until 4 o'clcok Sunday reloading programmes. Then another hour later on.
Had to take it up to the PC shop for re-installing sound etc because I don't have the modem and sound drivers.
Cost me £56 to get it done. Curse you again you Basketing Drongos. My your vital parts itch eternally until they drop off.
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