Saturday, July 28, 2012

Preserved locos   Duke of Gloucester and Tornado with a double header at Yatton Horsecastle farm crossing.. 

I went up to Lidl's prompt at 8 and got 5 packs of their coffee on half price offer. John has at last consented to try their Arabica blend. No doubt he will insist that it is not as good as Teco's.
However German customers would not buy it if it was rubbish. I find it very good.
I went straight out to Yatton for the steam and arrived at 8.15 to find someone there already. I tucked my self in and asked if I would be in the way. She was videoing and said I would be OK  where I was. By 8.30 there were 2 more and they were still turning up at 8.45.
Some got "right up her nose" from where she had set up.
They eventually moved, bloody good job too.
I had the camera set to 18mm [35mm 27mm] and started to take too soon. However I got one good shot.
Very pleased with it.
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