Monday, August 06, 2012

Found a very interesting link concerning picture rights. ... t-pictures 

It gives a very serious run down on why Royalty Free does not mean public domain.

I tried a new sandwich spread recipe Sunday, I find making my own gives me a better variety. of tastes. 

Recipe 1
Onion, cheese and Ham
4 ounce onion, 3 ounces cheese,   a slice of lean ham,
Cut all into pieces  and put in blender or shredder. Spin but end when the things are still coarse, (according to choice)

 Recipe 2, 
4 ounce onion, 3 ounces Mature cheese, 3 Frankfurter sausages.
Cut into pieces, blend/shred until fairly fine. I prefer about 4 to 5 seconds.

New recipe.
4 ounce onion, approximately 3 ounce corned beef, approximately   3 ounve Morrisons Roast back Bacon.
Cut up and blend until a paste. This makes a very good, soft, meat pate. 

I always use a good tasty fresh onion this gives moisture to the mix as welling as adding a certain tartness to the flavour..

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