Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oliver Cromwell preserved Britannia class steam loco with the Royal Duchy Express at Naislea/Backwell Station
Went over to Nailsea-Backwell Station this time to get steam pix. Last week Yatton Station was jam packed.
Not many people there only about 10 photographers at most I reckon. When I got there at about 8.35 a.m. there was only 1 on the platform. He asked me if I knew what time the 1st steam would be. I told him about 9. Then he asked about the 2nd one. When I told him there was only one this week he said. "The paper said there is two" I said "No the Torbay isn't running this week acording to Steaminfo UK.. It will be back again next week"
He repeated that the "Paper had said there was two" I left him to it. I bet the paper was the Western Daily Press. They can always get things wrong. 
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