Friday, August 24, 2012

So according to the bank of England they have done pensioners good by pumping money out.
They have not done me any good. 
The whole trouble in the world today as far as "collapse" is concerned is because people were spending money they didn't have and going into debt even as nations were.
Now the same folk and countries, that were spending prodigiously are moaning at everybody and refusing to take the blame on themselves.
Greece has unrealistic retirement ages and spent money as though there was no worries. The inhabitants have been so spoiled they can't see if they don't curb their excesses it is going to get far worse. 
The U,K, won't face up to reality as the government allows civil servants to rule the roost instead of ordering them to do what they have been instructed to do.
Brussels dictates to us what we must do, yet France gets around things like deporting criminals that our courts get stalled on. 
The world is not going to hell in a hand basket, but in a shit bucket.
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