Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Success in one way.

I’ve found that the magpie that visits is very sensitive to the sound of the shutter opening and then closing on the SLT A77.

Selecting its favourite item.

The only way of getting full zoom pix as a series was to shut the door and muffle the sound.

Turning the hep over to make certain.

Then I could take as many shots as there was time for. Not very long because it didn’t stop for all that long a time.

Getting ready to take off.

I have an idea that it is still concious of movements in the room but doesn't take so much notice because the door is still closed.

However I could get a mini series of pix. Perhaps as many as six shots with the camera set at Continuous Exposure.
It took about that long for the small gulls to arrive and drive the magpie away.

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