Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's odd what you find.

It can be surprising what you can find in old folders. When looking for something entirely different I came across some pictures I took way back in the 60s.

                                        All aboard for a trip in the bath-boat

One of my Godsons had an idea for a new form of boating. He and a friend took and old galvanised bath. They had worked it out "If the bath don't leak then water won't get in"

                                           Changing navigators/skippers as a bit tricky.

However the change over went OK with nothing wrong.

                                        Engine power (2 feet and legs was OK

We are now all-head for the next port of call.

                                           The crowd stands amazed
How much simpler and easier than paddle boats in the Marine Lake at Clevedon.  Will the idea take on?  It's too advanced perhaps for modern ladies in their mini-skirts. They would not like the thought of getting wet.

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